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Academy of Marketing Science - ESAN

Transportation format: From Hotels to ESAN University.

Call for Papers

2014 Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress
August 5 to 8, 2014
Universidad ESAN
Lima, Peru

Submission deadline: October 31st, 2013
Marketing Challenges in a Turbulent Business Environment


Conference Program Co-Chairs

Nicholas G. Paparoidamis,
IESEG School of Management, France

Ruben C. Chumpitaz,
IESEG School of Management, France

Jay P. Mulki,
Northeastern University, USA

The key challenge for marketers during the last two decades was “assuring high satisfaction and strong customer loyalty.” Today, the global economic climate remains unstable; plus, consumers ever changing desires, coupled with instantaneous communication enabled by social media and mobile technology all come together to stir up market turbulence. The conference aims to explore how the blends of traditional and modern marketing practices facilitate development of new and innovative products, help create increased product/service differentiation, ensure better service quality, and most of all, and create value for stakeholders even in such a turbulent business environment.

This, the 17th AMS World Marketing Congress, will be held at Universidad ESAN, in Lima, Peru. ESAN, founded on July 25, 1963 under an agreement between the governments of Peru and the United States of America, is the largest business school in Peru and one of the largest in South America.


The congress will have presentations of peer-reviewed papers, as well as panel discussions and plenary sessions. The papers can range from theory development to concepts for measurement and modeling to testing propositions in empirical or experimental studies. Papers based on cross-cultural studies and having international implications are particularly welcome.

As an international event, this meeting is an excellent opportunity to submit work that explores marketing issues in today’s emerging markets and other relevant topics not directly related to the theme. The various tracks provide you avenues to present research results and special sessions across the broad spectrum of our discipline.

We look forward to seeing you and to present you with the opportunity to engage in lively intellectual discussions, make new professional connections and experience warm fellowship. These are the trademarks of Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congresses.

Non-members are cordially invited to present papers to the 2014 World Marketing Congress. Nevertheless, because participation in AMS activities is limited to members only, at least one of the authors will be required to become a member and to register in the Congress.

The registration fee for the 2014 World Marketing Congress includes a 12 months membership in the Academy of Marketing Science.

Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts and Special Session Proposals

You can submit a full paper or a five-page structured abstract.
To participate, submit competitive papers or special session proposals electronically using the conference management system to the appropriate track chair.

Important note:
It is against AMS policy to submit the same paper or special session proposal to more than one track.

Submission deadline is October 31st, 2013

All manuscripts and special session proposals are to be submitted using a pdf document via the on-line submission process which can be entered from the following webpage:

In the case of track co-chairs, the authors may communicate with either or both of the track chairs regarding a submission. Manuscripts should follow the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science style guidelines (found at Competitive research papers may be submitted either as:

(1) A full paper or,
(2) A five-page structured abstract.

Full paper submissions should not exceed 20 double-spaced pages (Times New Roman or Calibri 12 pt. font) in total length including all exhibits and references. Be sure to include the title information with each submission but do not include a title page in the submitted document file itself. The name of the paper, names and affiliations of each author, and complete contact information for the corresponding author (surface mail address, e-mail address, fax, and phone number) will be requested as part of the submission dialog. Important note: as stated earlier, AMS policy strictly forbids submission the same paper or special session proposal to more than one track. Manuscripts will be double-blind reviewed. Only papers submitted as full papers can be published as full papers. Accepted full papers may also be published as one page abstracts in the proceedings.

Structured abstract submissions are allowed and should not exceed 5 single-spaced pages following the same style guidelines as above. A sample structured abstract can be found on the conference web page. Accepted structured abstracts may be published in the proceedings as either a structured abstract or as a one-page abstract at the discretion of the author(s).

Upon acceptance, the author agrees to: (a) release the copyright to the Academy of Marketing Science unless choosing to publish only an abstract; (b) submit the manuscript in correct format in a timely fashion according to the instructions provided by the Proceedings Editor; and (c) have at least one author register for the congress and be present to present the paper. The page limit for published full papers is 8 single-spaced pages. Longer papers (up to 12 pages) will be published at the rate of 50USD per page or fraction thereof over the 8-page limit. Any accepted manuscripts not presented at the conference will not be published in an AMS WMC Proceedings.

Accepted papers may require an author edit for style and/or content prior to the congress. After required changes are made, final pdf files will be uploaded to the system for submission to the Proceedings Editor. Detailed instructions will be provided by the Proceedings Editor at that time. It is ultimately the author’s responsibility to see that any paper accepted for publication is provided to the Proceedings Editor and appropriate track chair on time and in the proper format. Membership (current at the time of the meeting) in AMS for all authors not attending the meeting is expected and appreciated.

Authors from Latin American countries have the option to submit their papers and/or abstracts in Spanish or Portuguese.

Special session/panel proposals may be submitted through the conference system to the appropriate track.

Proposals should contain a 100-word biography of each speaker, a one-page description of the session, and a one-page summary of each presentation that is to be included in the session.

Please contact the respective track chair prior to uploading a special session proposal submission. Special session/panel proposals will be reviewed, and those rated as highest quality and most in keeping with the conference theme will be accepted for presentation.

The program team welcomes all ideas for presentations, workshops or other sessions that may be of interest to congress attendees. Please contact an appropriate program manager with your ideas.

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